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New Collection: Kaleidoscope
Amazing Colorful Design with Micro Beads.
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Marine Collection: Natural Charm
The Sea is a Source of Inspiration for this Enchanting Collection.
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Nature Collection: Natural Charm
The Nature is a Precious Inspiration for this Enchanting Collection.
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Geometric Collection: Bold Design
Features a Bold Shape for a Great Making Look.
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our story

MOSAICO is the product of more than 40 years of experience, creativity and teamwork. If we were to name the most influential persons in this line, that would definitely be Gloria Higuera and David Mercer, founders of the company.


We are proud that our jewelry is completly hand made while keeping artisans skills and creativity alive.

Our inspiration

There are many sources that inspires us in our work, family and nature could be considered to be the most influential. A good part of childhood was spent in the workshop, trying to balance family with work. This many of our values were transmited to us.

Let our costumers speak for us

David Mercer
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Welcome to our new website! I hope this way of commerce will be an a great experience.
Andrew Mercer
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After many time working in our new website, is great to show it!